Rogue Wave Online Store FAQ

Q: I could not complete my purchase transaction, what should I do?

Should you encounter any problems while attempting to purchase a Zend product, please contact the Rogue Wave Online Store team.
Please include the following information in your email: Your order number, the name of the product you were trying to purchase, as well as any error message or email you received.

Q: What is My Account?

My Account is your personal account for the Rogue Wave Store and Customer Center at  It is a central location to request product licenses, request technical support, access software and and renew your software or Support and Upgrade terms. To login, click here: My Account.

Q: Where do I download the product I purchased?

To download the product you purchased, visit our download page.

Q: Where do I find my product license?

To access an issued license for your chosen product, visit My Account and click on the "Licenses" tab.

Q: How do I download product upgrades?

To download minor and major version upgrades, visit our downloads page.

Q: How can I renew or upgrade my annual software subscriptions?

Upgrade and renewal options are available using My Zend Account. Click the 'Renew' tab.

Q: Is there any Trial Period or can I get a refund if the product does not work?

Zend Products are available as a Free Trial for a limited number of days, please visit the download section to evaluate the product prior to purchase. Zend does not generally issue a refund for payments on software products because when software is purchased, Zend issues a license for the software that enables the full features of the product to the account user.