Zend PHP Certification Study Guide

Now available: Study Guide for ZCE 2017-PHP exam.

The Zend PHP Certification Study Guide provides an excellent resource to pre-test your skills and guide you to your ultimate goal of becoming a Zend Certified PHP Engineer. It help’s you confirm if you are fully prepared for your PHP Exam, or to identify areas that you may need more study time prior to taking in identified topics. Edited and produced by members of the PHP Advisory Board (the experts who helped to develop the exam), this guide covers how the exam will be delivered, what major topics & subtopics you need to know, and includes a several mock questions to practice with.

Note: The PHP Study Guide is provided in a downloadable ebook format. No physical copy is shipped.

The Guide provides complete coverage of every topic that is part of the exam, including: 

  • PHP Basics
  • Functions
  • Arrays
  • Object-oriented Programming
  • Security
  • Databases
  • Data Format & Types
  • Arrays
  • Strings & Patterns
  • Web Features
  • I/O
  • Error Handling



Product Benefits

The Zend PHP Certification Study Guide provides the most comprehensive and thorough preparation tool for the Certification exam. 
This guide was written by members of the PHP Advisory Board. It is intended to provide you guidance in test preparation, but does not teach PHP. The guide also includes several mock exam type questions allowing you to experience a sample set of similar questions that you will encounter on the live exam.